About me

I am currently pursuing my DPhil. (Phd.) in Computer Science at the University of Oxford, UK.

I hold a MSc. degree in Information Security from University College London (UCL). My master thesis examined the security of RSA public-keys, in particular, it examined the factorable RSA keys issue in TLS servers on the Internet. Previously, I obtained BSc. in Computer Science from KAU.

Some of the interesting career experiences I had are: being invited by Google (Munich office) for their Web Security Summit 2018, the recipient of IEEE R8 Clementina Saduwa Award for Women in Engineering 2015, the recipient of the IEEE R8 Exemplary Student Branch Counselor 2015, the first Head of the Labs & Technical Support Unit at the College of Computing & IT (CCIT) at KAU (2008 - 2011), the founding lecturer of the Network Lab at CCIT-KAU in 2007, and the founding lecturer of the first Student Hacking Competition at CCIT-KAU in 2015.